5 Steps to Letting Go

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Five Steps to Letting Go and Finding PEACE of Mind

Step 1  Pick an Event
Step 2  Explore Resistance
Step 3  Acknowledge Intention
Step 4  Change Thoughts
Step 5  Exercises for Letting Go

#1 Write down an event that you’d like to let go of. What happened? How did you feel then? How do you feel now when you think of the event? How would you like to feel?

#2 You already know the positive gains for letting go of your painful feelings. Now, begin to identify some of your concerns if you were to let go. Do you use your painful feelings as a way to hurt or control someone? Or, do you use it as an excuse for not moving forward in your life?

#3 If you are ready to let-go, then write down your intention on a 3×5 card. Look at the card everyday. If you begin to have resistance — go back to step two.

#4 When you change your thoughts, you change your life.

Begin to monitor the internal dialogue that takes place in your mind. When your thoughts cause you pain — take a look at the 12 irrational beliefs listed below.  A famous healer said, “your suffering is always related to your last thought.”

#5 An intellectual approach alone may not work. Use a strategy that engages both your body and your mind to work with your intention.  Write in a journal, draw, paint, use imagery to help you reinforce your work.

There is no shame in asking for help.
Knowing when you need help
is a sign of maturity and courage.
Good Luck!