Practice Philosophy

“I believe that every human being has the potential to experience a deep state of well-being, and a creative, meaningful life.”

Integral healing is a comprehensive and balanced approach that begins with the idea that everyone’s path to healing is completely unique.

It goes beyond integrative medicine and includes the impact of culture, environment, and society. It incorporates into psychotherapy, your unique cognitive, genetic, spiritual, emotional, and intuitive qualities as well as the current and past stage of consciousness of you, your family, society, and the world.

The integral approach is multidimensional and considers how all of these variables operate within the individual…then uses scientific wisdom from all cultures and disciplines to promote transformation.

Judith has a professional and personal understanding of what it means to face significant life adversity and to take an integral approach to personal transformation.  When she was diagnosed with Stage III cancer, a close family member told her “you’ve talked the talk, now it’s time to walk the walk.”  Judith has “walked the walk” with courage and compassion.

“My greatest joy is to inspire others to uncover their own hidden wisdom and potential to bring about healing and personal transformation.”